Here is a complete list of our cupcake flavors.

Some cupcakes are available in gluten free (GF), vegan (V), or eggless (E). We always have a few vegan and eggless options available. You can preorder specific flavors. Gluten free cupcakes must be pre-ordered, though we sometimes have some available.

Almond - Almond cake topped with vanilla buttercream frosting (V, E, GF)
Almond Mocha Fudge - Almond cake topped with mocha buttercream frosting, then generously drizzled in chocolate fugde (V, E, GF)
Banana Cream - banana cake with vanilla custard filling and whipped cream frosting (E)
Banana Split - banana cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate drizzle (V, E)
Becky's Phenomenal PB&J - vanilla cupcake filled with grape jelly and topped with fluffy peanut butter frosting (V, E, GF)
Berry Mocha - mocha cupcake filled with raspberry jam and frosted with mocha buttercream (V, E)
Black Forest - chocolate cupcake filled with cherry preserves, frosted with whipped cream, and topped with chocolate shavings and a maraschino cherry (V, E, GF)
Black & White - chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream (V, E, GF)
Caramel Macchiato - a mocha cupcake with a double frosting of whipped cream inside caramel buttercream (GF)
Carleigh's Citrus Sunrise- A summery combination of orange cupcake with lemon cream cheese and coconut (V,E,GF)
Carrots are Orange - Carrot cake topped with orange cream cheese (V (has honey), E) frosting
Chai Latte - Masala spiced cupcake infused with concentrated coffee, frosted with whipped cream(V, E, GF)
Chococonut - chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting and covered in coconut (V, E, GF)
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin -  pumpkin cupcake with chocolate chips in the batter, frosted with chocolate buttercream (V, E)
Chocolate Elderberry - chocolate cupcake frosted with local elderberry buttercream (V, E, GF)
Chocolate Noir - chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate ganache on top (E)
Chocolate Pralines & Cream - Chocolate cupcake with creamy praline filling and whipped cream frosting (V, E, GF)
ChocoLemon - Chocolate cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting (V, E, GF)
Cinnamon Praline - cinnamon and brown sugar cupcake with smooth praline frosting and a dash of cinnamon (V, E, GF)
Coconut Cream Cups - coconut cupcakes filled with vanilla custard and topped with coconut whipped cream (E, GF)
Coconut Lemon Clouds - coconut cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting (V, E, GF)
Colin's Daisuki/Green Tea - green tea cupcake with whipped cream frosting (V, E)
Cotton Candy - confetti cupcake with cotton candy whipped topping (V, E, GF)
Double Chocolate - chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream (V, E, GF)
Dulce De Leche - vanilla cupcake filled with gooey caramel, frosted with caramel buttercream (E, GF)
Elderberry - elderberries are native to the bay area and make a delicious cupcake and buttercream frosting (V, E, GF)
Elderberry Cheesecake -scrumptious elderberry cupcake topped with our popular cream cheese frosting (V, E, GF)
German Chocolate - chocolate cupcake with caraml, coconut and pecans (GF)
Ginger Pomegranate - light ginger cupcake with frosted with pomegranate buttercream (V, E, GF)
Ginger Zinger - spiced ginger cupcake with lemon cream cheese (V, E)
Heni's Pink Lady - red velvet cupcake with strawberry mousseline frosting (V, E, GF)
Italian Cream - golden cupcake with coconut and pecans baked into it, topped with cream cheese frosting, coconut and pecans (V, E, GF)
Joel's Banana Delight - banana cake with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate buttercream (V, E)
Ladycakes - vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry jam, frosted with white chocolate cream cheese (E, GF)
Lavender Citrus - relax with a lavender cupcake paired with refreshing lemon buttercream (V, E, GF)
Le Pêche - a slice of peach baked into a vanilla cupcake, and topped with peach whipped cream (V, E. GF)
Lemon Blueberry - Lemon cupcake infused with blueberry syrup and frosted with lemon buttercream (V, E, GF)
Lemon Green Tea- our signature green tea cupcake frosted with lemon buttercream(V, E)
Lemon Cream Pie - A pie in a cupcake! Vanilla cupcake filled with lemon custard and frosting with lemon cream cheese Graham cracker crust, vanilla , E)
Lovely Linda's Lavender - organic English lavender flowers are baked into this cupcake and topped with vanilla buttercream (V, E, GF)
Maddy's Amazing Fudgie Brownie Cupcake - chocolate cupcake filled with dark chocolate ganache, topped with whipped cream and fudgy piece of brownie
Mandarin Orange- refreshing orange cupcake frosted with dark chocolate ganache (E, GF)
Mango Caramel- mango cupcake with mango buttercream drizzled with caramel (GF)
Marble - ribbons of chocolate syrup flowing through a vanilla cupcake and topped with chocolate and vanilla buttercream (V, E, GF)
Marlon's Favorite - chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting (E, GF)
Maryam's Red Velvet Coconut - coconut is baked into this red velvet cupcake and covers the cream cheese frosting (V, E, GF)
Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate - chocolate and cinnamon are comlplemented with the gradual heat of cayenne pepper and cooled down with a whipped cream frosting (V, E, GF)
Mint Choco Chip - mint chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and a mint frosting (V, E, GF)
Mint Mochaccino - mocha cupcake with mint whipped cream (V, E)
Mocha Latte- aromatic mocha cupcake filled with creamy mocha and frosted with vanilla buttercream (V, E)
Mocha Marble - classic marble cake with mocha buttercream (V, E, GF)
Old Fashioned - reminiscent of days past is this golden cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting (V, E, GF)
Orange Chocolate - Chocolate cupcake with orange cream cheese (E, GF)
Orange Creamsicle - refreshing orange cream cupcake with orange cream cheese (V, E, GF)
Passion for Chocolate - Tart passionfruit buttercream on a chocolate cupcake (V, E, GF)
Passion for Coconut - Tropical coconut cupcake topper with passionfruit buttercream (V,E,GF)
Passion For Cupcakes - exotic passionfruit cupcake with passionfruit buttercream (V, E, GF)
Peanut Butter Cup - comforting peanut butter frosting on top of a chocolate cupcake (V, E, GF)
Pineapple Rightside Up - brown sugar and pineapples remain at the bottom of this rightside up version - or is it an upside down version of the classic? (V, E, GF)
Pomegranate Masala - Masala spiced cupcake with pomegranate buttercream(V, E, GF)
Pumpkin - a seasonal favorite pumpkin cupcake with whipped cream frosting (V, E)
Raspberry Toppers - vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry jam then frosted with raspberry mousseline (V, E, GF)
Red Velvet - classic buttermilk recipe with a hint of cocoa and cream cheese frosting(V, E, GF)
Red Velvet Supreme - chocolate chips make this red velvet supreme! (V, E, GF)
Rosebud - rosewater cake and buttercream (V,E,GF)
Safiyah's Heavenly Raspberry - raspberry mousseline and a layer of dark chocolate ganache cover this chocolate cupcake (GF)
Salted Caramel - chocolate cupcake filled with salted caramel and topped with caramel buttercream and a pinch fo salt (E, GF)
Salted Peanut Butter Banana - Our famous banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting, a pinch of salt and a roasted salted peanut on top (V,E)
Shani's Cookies'n'Cream - The #1 Kids' Favorite! - chocolate cupcake with whipped cookies and crema topping (V,E)
Siddiq's Carrot Cups - honey sweetened carrot cupcake with traditional cream cheese frosting (V,E)
Simply Nutella - Vanilla cupcake filled with creamy Nutella and frosted with Nutella whipped topping (GF)
S'Mores - a chocolate cupcake on a chocolate graham cracker crust is filled with marshmallow cream and topped with whipped cream (GF)
Snickerdoodle - brown sugar and cinnamon swirled cupcake with vanilla buttercream and a drizzle of pure maple syrup (V, E, GF)
Sokhun's Red Velvet Rose- ared velvet cupcake with rose buttercream (V, E, GF)
Strawberry Almond - Orange mousseline on top of an almond cupcake (V, E, GF)
Strawberry Blossom - vanilla cupcake filled with organic strawberry preserves and frosted with strawberry mousseline (V, E, GF)
Strawberry Passion - fruity passionfruit cupcake topped with strawberry mousseline (V, E, GF)
Thai Peanut Chocolate - cinnamon and cayenne chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting (V, E, GF)
The County Fair - Whipped Nutella frosting on top of a banana cupcake filled with strawberry jam (V, E)
The Mississippi Prince - pecans and coconut are in and on top of this red velvet cupcake frosted with smooth cream cheese (V, E)
The Samoa - caramel filled chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream covered in caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, coconut and chocolate chips  (GF)
Thin Mints - refreshing mint cupcake with chocolate ganache frosting (V, E, GF)
Tiramisu - coffee infused cupcake with a creamy custard frosting (V, E, GF)
Tropical Tango - vanilla cupcake topped with buttery pineapple custard (GF)
Vanilla Cookies'n'Cream - vanilla cupcake with cookies and cream frosting (V, E)
Very Berry Blueberry - blueberry preserves fill this vanilla cupcake, frosted with blueberry mousseline (V, E, GF)
Very Vanilla - an all-time favorite - a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting  (V, E, GF)
White Pomegranate- vanilla cupcake frosted with pomegranate buttercream (V, E, GF)