Holiday Pies

Every year from mid November thru December, we offer our homemade pies. Made with the simplest ingredients and crafted with care, these pies will be the hit of your holiday gathering or a delicious dessert for your winter meal.

Traditional Pecan


Chock-full of pecans and their delicious toasted aroma! (also available vegan) - pictured above

Pumpkin Pecan


Can't make up your mind? Don't need 2 pies? We made this a couple of years ago with some leftover filling and, boy, what a great discovery! Like an old married couple, these two are so much better together than they are apart.

Paleo Pumpkin Pie


Paleo, gluten free and lectin free Pumpkin Pie for the neo-traditional feast


Blueberry Bean Custard


Vanilla bean custard pie with scrumptious blueberry topping

Chocolate Banana Cream


Bananas smothered in chocolate custard and topped with a light pastry cream (also available eggless)

Lola Luz's Apple Pie


My grandmother's original recipe and our customers' all-time favorite - a caramel apple filling smothered in a cinnamon crumble. (also available vegan) - pictured above

Order your pies today!

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  4. flavors and quantities of pies needed