Experience a fresh cup of pour over over coffee for only $3 and watch your cup bloom in front of your eyes!  If you’re in a hurry, we also have  drip coffee available for $2 per 12 oz cup.

FEATURE COFFEE by Habibi Yasin Coffee

Baraka Blend – a blend of washed Ethiopian coffee and washed Guatemalan coffee brings you “Baraka Blend” This amazing blend is roasted on the lighter side (city roast)to highlight the floral and fruity notes that are well known in the regions where this coffee is from. Only the highest quality beans are chosen. These coffees are blended with an emphasis on creating a delicious, complex and diverse taste for you to enjoy. Baraka Blend is great choice when hosting and serving alongside a special dessert.

Community Love is what Habibi Yasin Coffee is all about. A gathering of the best available single origin coffee from Africa, Asia and Central America and roasted to perfection. This coffee is full body, fruity with a hint of spice. We are roasting this blend city+ (medium) for our customers who prefer a fuller body with less acidity than our lighter roast. Community Love blend is a perfect after lunch or after Dinner coffee.