Thanksgiving 2019

Every year from mid November thru December, we offer our homemade pies. Made with the simplest ingredients and crafted with care, these pies will be the hit of your holiday gathering or a delicious dessert for your winter meal.


Traditional Pecan
$22 Chock-full of pecans and their delicious toasted aroma! (gluten free $24)

Lola Luz’s Apple Pie
$20 My grandmother’s original recipe – a caramel apple filling smothered in a cinnamon crumble. (vegan $20 and gluten free $24)

Classic Bean Custard
$20 Cinnamon spiced American traditional bean custard pie (gluten free $22)

Thanksgiving Pumpkin
$20 What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? This will quickly become part of your family tradition (gluten free $22)

Chocolate Mousse Pie
$18 A lighter option after your feast! Light chocolate mousse on a chocolate coated pie crust, topped with a cloud of pastry cream (vegan $18)

White Chocolate Cherry Mousse Pie
$18 We like to throw in something new every year. This year it’s a modern twist! Fluffy white chocolate cherry mousse on a chocolate coated pie crust (vegan $18)

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