Valentine’s Day 2020

This Valentine, choose between a round pink buttercream cake or a fondanted heart.

  • Choose your cake flavor: Chocolate, Vanilla or Red Velvet
  • Add your filling: Cream Cheese, Strawberry Mousseline, Raspberry Mousseline, German Chocolate, Chocolate Ganache, or Buttercream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Mango, Passionfruit, Pomegranate)

Gluten free, eggless and vegan always available!

Round Rosette

Pink or white buttercream rosette cake with fondant heart decoration:

6" round $23 (Gluten Free $28)

8" round $40 (Gluten Free $48)

10" round $50 (Gluten Free $60)

Your choice of red, hot pink or baby pink fondant on a heart-shaped cake:

6" round $25 (Gluten Free $30)

8" round $45 (Gluten Free $50)

10" round $55 (Gluten Free $65)



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